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I have toyed with starting a blog for a while but the world is getting more and more out of control and I am finally annoyed enough to do it. The thing that triggered this is this term “militarization of the Police”. For you conservatives screaming about this you are arguing the “military looking weapons ban” argument whether you know it or not.

First of all, no PD I have seen has a tank. A tank is a specific vehicle and no one has one except the military. Armored vehicles? Yeah but they have had those for years. What upsets you? They are painted in military camouflage? Let’s be clear, if I see armored vehicle, or even Humvees, used as patrol vehicles I will be screaming. If I see a .50 Cal mounted to a local PD’s vehicle, we have a huge problem. But an MRAP? Unarmed MRAP? How is that any different than the “beast” that POTUS drives around in? I’ll bet the beast has more offensive weapons than anything you saw in Ferguson. 

The police are not, as many on Fox News have stated, supposed to meet force with equal force. The police are supposed to meet force with superior force in order to protect themselves, us and our property. If they can intimidate a bunch of animals who feel they are owed a TV because they police shot someone GOOD! 

If I see a beat cop with an M4 automatic rifle on regular patrol we have a serious problem. But should they have to run to a gun store to get weapons with enough stopping power to take down a bad guy with ceramic body armor (ala LA) rather than have the rifle they need in their trunk?

The things local PD are getting from the military are tools. Just like a gun doesn’t kill anyone these tools harm no one. It is how they are used, defensive or offensive, that matters. If these tools are equipped and used in offensive manners than the cops who do it belong in jail. If they are used, as they are, in solely defensive roles then who cares?

I remember Charles Krauthammer saying drones are “weapons of war” and people have been quoting him all day. Weapons of war? Then explain why my 7 year old neighbor can own one. And it has a camera. Because they are not Predator drones stupid, they are unmanned aerial vehicles. They DO NOT have weapons. If his logic is sound then Jeeps can’t be sold. A jeep is a “weapon of war” especially when you mount a .50 Cal on the back. And let me ask, would you rather pay for a drone with a camera, a van with an operator and get into a car chase with that or 10 patrol cars, a multi million dollar helicopter with 2-3 cops etc? I’d rather see a mobile UAV operator follow a bank robber and have the patrol cars track him than see another family killed during a car chase. (BTW a helicopter is a “weapon of war” as well but CK isn’t screaming about those is he?)

I’m not saying we shouldn’t keep watch on how these tools are used and at the very first sign they are being abused we need to stop the abuse. I don’t want to see local PD’s patrolling in armored vehicles nor do I want offensive weapons added to drones. But our police should have every tool they could possibly need at their easy disposal.There is no reason to throw away tools that we already paid for when they can be put to good use at the local level. Sniper rifles have always been a tool of the local police but they aren’t carried on patrol nor should they be. But to ask our police to go against a mad man with a 30.06 without ceramic body armor is unfair to the officers, their families and ultimately us, the people who ask them to protect us. The next time you see a car chase that puts normal drivers lives at risk ask yourself if a drone following the bad guys would be such a terrible thing that we need to raise hell over? The next time you see a guy holed up in a house with a high powered rifle ask yourself what would happen if the police parked an MRAP in front of his line of fire and said to him “come on out when you get tired” with no risk to anyones life but the bad guy.

The attitudes of some of the police officers need serious attention. The us against them, meaning all of us, is bad and many officers have it. That probably leads to more officer and citizen injuries than most other causes but that isn’t the tools the officers have that is the tool that particular officer is.

As with the “we need to ban scary looking guns” argument made by the nuts on the left, conservatives are allowing themselves to be taken down that same road in this “discussion”. Maybe the answer is to paint the MRAP’s pink and then they won’t look so scary. And as I heard Bob Beckel imply maybe officers should take off all of their protective gear and loot with the animals and we won’t have these issues. All I know if Beckel, or anyone else talking about taking these tools away, had to personally deal with any of the situations they spew about you can be sure they would be as geared up as anyone ever could be.

And let’s remember that last piece. It’s very easy to sit back and say take the tools away when you don’t have to put your own life on the line. We ask officers to deal with the worst, most insane situations anyone could ever run into. We don’t give them extra pay and we don’t have to feel it personally when they don’t come home from work one night. I expect this kind of crap from the left since their arguments about weapons and police are never anything they would have to deal with personally but conservatives should know better. Our right to bear arms, (did you know we can buy the same  cal sniper rifle the military uses without any special permits-just like buying a .22 cal rifle), means that crazy people will sometimes get ahold of those weapons and do really bad things. Until you are willing to put your life on the line to protect your neighbor because the police are out looking for a gun store maybe you should use proper reason rather than the emotional spew the left loves so much.

For the record I am neither a PO nor do I have one in my family. I do have a CCP and would step in to protect a person I do not know if I am armed and see bad happening. I don’t love the police but I do know, if I call, no matter how bad it is, they will show up. .And you want to make their jobs a little less safe?